New Home Construction

New home construction offers more advantages than older built homes. Here’s a list of reasons why so many homeowner’s are choosing to build new:
  • Tailor your home your way. Instead of inheriting someone else’s design taste from the past, you can select things that reflect your style and that you love. From cabinets, flooring, counter tops, fixtures, and paint colors.
  •  Choose a floor layout that meets your requirements. Do you want large closets, kitchen, or great room, you got it. Or perhaps a walk in shower instead of a bathtub. Whatever is important to you and your family you can prioritize designs to meet your needs.
  •  All new, instead of everything wearing out and needing replacing in the near future. You’ll have new warranties with the quality level chosen by you.
  •  Energy and cost savings on new homes has been growing rapidly. States have been increasing standards for homes to make them as efficient as possible. Windows and insulation are continuously improving. The amount of escaping heat or cooling has never been lower.
  •  Homes are safer now, products use fewer volatile organic compounds and items near water sources are more water and mold resistant, making the air easier to breathe.
  • Electrical codes have more safety features, like ground fault interrupters to protect people from getting electrocuted. Infrared beams on garage doors that keep children from getting trapped underneath.

If you would like to speak to an experienced builder who has been there, done that, then give us a call and we can discuss any of your new home construction questions.  Let us share our experience with you.